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My thoughts, my art, my creative side were entrapped in a small room. They were suffocated. They were scared. They were scared just like a child scared of being lost, scared of not finding a home. At that moment, they found a home. A home that will protect and nurture them. A home that will make their wings strong enough to fly and freely. And that's what a FUZIA is for me and for my creativity.

FUZIA is not just a platform, it is a home for my thoughts, a mother to that lost child, a rain for farmer and canvas for an imagination.

It is a world different that ours and beautiful. It is a place where I am free to go wild, where I can spread my wings without being afraid of clipping.

Last but not least FUZIA is a home colorful and beautiful where I am inspired to grow more and grow graceful :-)


Just by chance through a post on Instagram, I came by this site. When I pressed the Enter button , I found loads of pictures of women from different parts of the world flickering in front of me. Smiling, laughing , boasting their self-confidence and flaunting about the pretty side in them. I felt like that it was the main purpose of this community, learning how to do all that I have said above, learning to be confident of what you are and what you have. You are not any less than others. I instantly joined and I learned to believe in myself in the very first few days . It’s just been a week or two since I have joined it. You’ll feel like a hand emerging from the computer screen and it is a ‘lending hand’ which will help you to jump in and be a part of this environment where you and only you are the best. Actually this is how the people of this community will make you feel. You will learn how to appreciate your other woman-friends too . Fuzia, is a world different from the world we are living in. The very motto of this world is to “compete” to live ,but in Fuzia it is different. You don’t have to compete. You yourself will let your fuzia-sister to go ahead of you ,to reach the step before you. No envy ,no jealousy and no pride. Being a sociology student, I have observed all this. I felt like I just have studied two different societies. One loving in ‘harmony’ among just the woman-kind and the other in a ‘competition’ with the other gender and even with your own gender. The circumstances which have made this competition arose within the same gender can be the life struggle or to prove oneself better than the other gender and in this struggle one can’t even see the one of your own kind leading you too. After all this stressful life , one when heads toward Fuzia, she will find herself motivated . She will find herself a lending hand from another woman, as a mentor or as a Fuzia member. She will eventually be guided to her self-confidence and then will help another sister in distress. I think these latent teachings of Fuzia will help you have a positive lifestyle in the living world too. That’s what I feel about Fuzia. That’s how I see its inhabitants, as my sisters.


Though I'm not a good artist but still this site..fuzia...its members..are inspiring and motivating me a lot to learn more & create more. Such a great place for the girls to show their artistic talents. Fuzia makes me happy I keeps on thinking about it most of the time :D I love posting here everyone is so motivating here, they don't judge that what is this? What u've made??!! This is the best thing I like about it!!