Riya Sinha Fuzia Higher Education Grade, Founder
About Riya

Riya is a student at Palo Alto High School in California, and an entrepreneur ready to bring girls together from developing communities around the world. Her website, Fuzia, is a global community that nurtures and empowers the creativity of the young women leaders of tomorrow through the fusion of culture and ideas. Riya loves to read and write. When she was 11, she wrote a book called "Runaway Twins", that sold through Amazon website and through local Palo Alto bookstore, Books Inc. In writing the book, Riya got the inspiration to launch a website to help other girls through their writings and online connections. As founder of Fuzia, Riya works to make sure the website is the best for all teenagers and girls who want to change the world for better. In a short time since its launch in November 2015, millions of girls from around the world are following Fuzia on social media, and Fuzia has rapidly become on of the top most-liked community on Facebook. Riya is proud to bring together hundreds of thousands of girls from Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, U.S., India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines and many other places around the world where women are following Fuzia to drive women empowerment and creativity through their fusion of cultures and ideas. Riya loves to travel around the world and enjoys being a part of the school robotics team. Her dreams are to write her own set of books, live by the beach, and to grow her own social impact business Fuzia, and unite the voices of girls from and drive gender equity and women empowerment