Marcia L. Dyson CEO and Founder of Women's Global Initiative
About Marcia L. Dyson

Marcia is political strategist, writer, and international marketing consultant. She aims to evolve humanity through efforts for justice, equality, quality education and economic development for all via interaction with world leaders, activists and the business community.

She believes that the best leader is one who transcends the narrow boundaries of their reality.

Marcia strongly believes that the business community is equally responsible for the sustainability of a nation if not greater than political establishments.

Business persons as well as our world leaders must embrace and understands the Win-Win concept of humanity. The politician/client, the consumer/citizen, the product/community wins by integrity of the professional strategist.

She is a member of many peace initiatives and civil societies because "peace isn't the absent of war" . It is the everyday assaults on the livelihood of others (corruption, greed, exploitation, injustices) that create terrorism, fear and despair.