"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much "
Lounge is your personal space where you can freely hang out, express your creative side and see what others have expressed so far! Why let the spare time be wasted?
  • 1.ADD POSTYou can use 'ADD POST' to put up all your creative work, be it sketches, writing, photography etc.
  • 2. CREATE COLLAGEBind your memories together through 'Create Collage'. Choose from the layouts you like!
  • 3. MAKE VIDEOMake on the go 'Movie' with your images, you can even add a sound track!
  • 4. SHOUTBOXShoutbox is your global Chat. You can connect with all the Fuziaites and openly discuss anything and everything!
  • 5. CHANNELSChannels are private or public discussion forum. You can 'create a channel' on a particular topic, and your friends are free to join and discuss/debate on it!
  • 6. WASSUP FUZIAITES BOARDUpdate Fuziaites what are you up to, everytime!