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Dr.Ujjwala Kakarla is by occupation a Professor, by ideology a spiritual activist, by choice a passionate researcher in Aesthetics and Indo-Anglian Poetry. Her master’s research focuses on Symbolism in Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri while her doctoral research is a comparative study on Indian and Western Aesthetics in Sri Aurobindo’s Criticism. She authored her first book Lyrical Whispers of Self: An Anthology of Poetry during her online writing journey with Megha Bajaj, Award winning and aspiring author. She is an introspective and spiritual aholic leading a single, simple and pious life dedicated to teaching, writing and spiritual activity. Moreover she imparts her free training sessions in soft skills and personality development to the general public. She published her research papers widely in refereed research journals of international repute besides authored a few of her articles for Infinithoughts, a holistic magazine and Invocation, a spiritual research journal on Savitri, an epic poem and masterpiece of Sri Aurobindo. Moreover, she loves reading variety of genres, researching and exploring beauty of values and purpose of life through her spiritual intelligence and fervor towards trivial and fascinating things of nature.
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