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Rachel Baskin is an inspirational women’s blogger who draws from past life experiences and her faith in God in order to share with you her unique perspective of the world. Her blog is geared towards empowering women to live purpose driven lives as well as motivating and inspiring them to embrace being their authentic selves in a world that tells them to be anything but who they truly are. Through her words of encouragement and her message of hope, Rachel hopes to teach women to build a true sense of identity and self-worth that is based on solid foundations.

From love, romance, relationships, singleness, marriage, mom life, parenting, spirituality, self-care, self-acceptance and self-love, Rachel’s blog has it all when it comes to an assortment of thoughts and reflections that’s bound to keep you reading for hours!

Rachel Baskin resides in BC, Canada, where she is happily married to her husband, Kirk. Together they have two wonderfully beautiful children, two cute and inquisitive cats and have truly been living happily ever after since January, 2013!

Connect with Rachel on social media by following her page called "Dents In My Crown" and also visit her blog and Youtube channel for more motivational and inspiring content!




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