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As challenges increase day after day, We have to be developed day after day too, To be ready to face it all, Being passionate is a key to success, To face all challenges and to achieve what you was created for, 
My Name is Hadeer Reda Eissa, The one who's passionate about marketing and advertising, I've worked for more than 4 different Organizations with different fields, Volunteered for more than 4 years as a trainer to spread what i've learnt in Marketing, For me marketing is not just a field  of studying, It's a lifestyle, Social Media is an important tool nowadays that helps in doing the Marketing process all in a professional way, Being connected with your customers 24/7 is the best way for success in your business.

After that all Advertising is all what i was created For, I do really appreciate the Objective, Message and Effect of a good advertising, In my Opinion Advertising is one of the best ways to show creativity, Creativity might be in art, Education, Science and Advertising Too.

At the End learning is one of my enjoyment keys, reading or watching videos to learn something new is really enjoyable and worth it!

One of my dreams that after 5 years from now on, To have my own Advertising agency, To release my first book about self development and to have built  or participated in building a place for homeless children, Because simply they got the whole right to learn, Enjoy and LIVE! 

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