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#MenstrualMyths vs REALITY

8th Dec'18   32   1

Here we present to you some of the most common myths around menstruation and the reality as per science and logic.

#MenstrualMyths vs REALITY

“You can’t touch pickle or it will spoil”

Please...! You can absolutely touch pickles, make pickles, eat pickles or throw them at people who tell you can’t. There is no explanation for this one. It is just bizarre. Perhaps this roots to the stigma attached to the female body and the discomfort with its physiology. So go for all the pickles you want, unless of course you hate them :P


“No going to temples”

  Now this has to absolutely do with religious dogma. Not to mention that it is also at odds with logic in every way possible. Menstruation is a natural process that many women/transwomen go through. There is absolutely nothing that makes it “impure” and we need not be ashamed of it. We need not be so distant from our own bodies.

“Whenever a woman is cranky, it means is PMSing"

 Honestly, I am sick of this. I am sick of women’s bodies being used against them. Yes, PMS exists; yes it makes it tough to live your daily routine but to use it as an excuse to dismiss legitimate anger is frankly ridiculous.gemma-evans-131781-unsplash-1544274758.jpg

“I knew what sleep was when I found tampons and menstrual cups”

 Honestly, I only knew what sleep was like during periods when I finally found tampons and menstrual cups. Even with all the bullshit about “hymen” being ruptured and then of course there is the idea of a woman being evaluated in the marriage market according to her “virginity”, I tried it and I absolutely love how comfortable they are. There is no shame in using tampon or menstrual cups. And yes, you can totally go swimming too!!!!


Picture: Everyday Health

No head baths:

This one is plain stupid. You can totally wash your hair if you want to. If anything, it will help you relax, so go for it.


This happens to be the recent one I have come across and as a lover of all kinds of coffee, it enrages me. It is perfectly safe to drink coffee during periods and it will not aggravate your cramps. Of course, if you have about 20 cups a day there will be something called caffeine-poisoning but that can happen any day to anyone. So yeah, please don’t part with your morning coffee because of some myth.


Unsafe sex during periods?

 This is a big NO NO. Unprotected sex at any point is not done and that during periods is not a guarantee that you won’t get pregnant.

“Exercising is dangerous during periods”

 No it’s not. As a matter of fact, regular exercise can help you with those nasty cramps and irregular flow. Of course, you should do as much as you can and don’t overexert yourself. Now that has serious repercussions and there is a valid difference between exercise and overexertion. 


Author: An J from India for www.fuzia.com_What are the myths that you hate most? Comment below and let us know!

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  • Deep See Deep See 14th Dec'18 Reply

    In some small areas and backwards villages women still faces these situations

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