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Ladies, You Need to Start Building your Personal Brands

13th Mar'19   367   2

Ladies, You Need to Start Building your Personal Brands

Ladies, You Need to Start Building your Personal Brands

To stand out in this digital world of abundance, you can’t just rely on your skills. You can be creative and innovative but nobody knows it unless you show it to the world. You may be sharing your work, your hobbies on social media but it’s not enough unless it’s adding value in lives of other people.

That’s where your Personal Brand comes into scene.

Your personal brand is the reflection of your personality which help you achieve your goal. That goal can be recognition, income, opportunities or simply anything. But first you need to identify that purpose to focus all your efforts in a particular direction otherwise your skills and creativity will lead you nowhere.

Let’s begin with the search of that purpose or in other words, the search of “niche” to build a personal brand.

Niche = Passion + VALUE

Your niche will necessarily be your passion but vice-versa will not always be true. To find your niche, firstly you need to identify your passion!

Your passion can be poetry, painting, writing, music, cooking, designing or simply talking (like me :P)

To find your niche, this passion is incomplete without VALUE! 


What is Value?

VALUE is some change, betterment, benefit, that you can bring in your surroundings by your potential.

It doesn't matter what's the magnitude of that value is, what matters the most is your ability to add value.

If my words can help you understand the nuances of Personal Branding, that's a value.

If your life struggle inspires others, that's a value.

If your artwork makes someone realize the beauty of the world, that's a value.

If people feel happy after talking to you, that's a value.

And there are uncountable examples and instances where you can & you already are bringing value.

The only missing link is your ability to estimate yourself CORRECTLY so as to steer all those "ordinary" efforts in a PROPER direction.


It's not necessary that your every passion can bring value to people UNLESS you are giving it a right purpose.

If your passion is sky gazing, it's not creating value for people UNLESS you're sharing your discoveries & experiences with others.

If your passion is to write poems, it's not your niche UNLESS it’s benefitting people by helping them feel motivated and happy.

The parts after "unless" in above sentences are the VALUES to fill the gap between passion & niche. 


Why does value matter?

A brand value is determined by its influence on people's lives.

Value summons that Influence!

Every person is capable of doing the best for him/her but the capability to do the best for others, makes that person stand out of the crowd. Ultimately, the one who stands out, is the one whose personal brand stands out.

That's why, Value is PRIMITIVE!

How to transform your Passion into Niche?

There are few steps to find your niche through passion.

1. Figure out the possible relevance of your passion into people's lives.

Find out the link between "what people want" & "what your passion can offer".

By people, I mean a particular target audience.

Passion: Photography.

Target Audience: People who are passionate for photography, who want to make it a side source of income, etc.

Relevance: Your tips to make them effectively pursue their passion of photography will make them inclined towards your passion.

“Passion calls Passion!”

2. Evaluate the UNIQUENESS in that relevance.

Commonality: Many people are teaching photography skills through videos, EBooks, etc.

Uniqueness: What is different in your approach? Maybe you can choose a unique medium to reach out to people. Maybe podcasts will be a game changer where people can listen to your tips and knowledge anytime. Play your bet on it. Be creative. Make the learning enjoyable.

“Bring that innovation!” 

3. Analyze the outcomes.

Are people interested in your offerings? Are you getting the estimated results?

If, Yes! Keep rolling out new strategies. What is fresh today, will become stale tomorrow, so keep flying your creativity.

If, No! Why people aren't interested? How can you make them inclined towards your passion?

Figure out what's missing & work on it.

Niche is not for everyone!

Niche doesn't depend on age or any profession or any industry type.

A 17 y/o high school student or a 21 y/o college dropout or a 35 y/o housewife or a 65 y/o retired professional, each one of them has something unique to contribute.

Discover that unique contribution which you're capable of making!

Hold on for a while, introspect your daily activities, your habits, you'll surely find something that you're doing passionately, pick that thing & start working on it.

Be patient, let the results come up (good things take time), evaluate the results.

If that doesn't work, then move on to next discovery.


That's the only way to find NICHE!

That's the only way to start building Personal Brand! 

Guest blogger:

Ashi Singhal

Article originally published on LinkedIn as:

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  • Shilpi Gupta Shilpi Gupta 13th Mar'19 Reply

    Personal Branding is the need of the hour. Thanks for sharing this. It's helpful

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    Ashi Singhal Ashi Singhal 14th Mar'19

    Indeed! Thank you 263a.png

  • Mahima Tiwari Mahima Tiwari 25th Mar'19 Reply

    Wow! This is quite an eye opener.

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