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How To Best Utilize Fuzia

26th Sep'18   57   0

This is a quick guide for anyone who wants to learn how to best utilize Fuzia for their purposes, for any queries, please feel free to leave a comment below.

How To Best Utilize Fuzia

Hello everyone,

It’s such a pleasure for us to inform you all that our Fuzia community is growing at an exponential speed each day. We couldn’t be more proud of the overwhelming love you all are sending our way.

We decided it’ll be helpful to show you all some ways that you all can use Fuzia, if you are a:


  • Writer:

Hello there, wordsmiths!

Fuzia has proven itself again and again to be a launching pad for talented writers, honing their skills and sharing their work with millions of people to read.

Fuzia has thousands of writers creating stunning worlds with their words and surprising us each day.

If you are a writer, you can use Fuzia to

-write your thoughts and share them with not only the audience at our Lounge but also with millions others that follow us on social media websites, because we always make a point to feature the talent that deserves to be seen.

-connect with other writers. Inspiration is a key feature when it comes to writing. Learning never truly ends for writers, you have to constantly keep growing and you have to keep learning. If you can make some friends along the way, wouldn’t you give that a chance?

-share the links to your previously published works be it your blog, your WattPad, the link for us to purchase your books or anything that helps your career. We’re always there to support you!


Check out these posts by some of our Fuzians:

^Source: Hadeer Eissa


^Source: Sakshi Shrivastava


Or you can promote your own blog or your own website by sharing a snippet of your work like Michelle has done here:


^Source: Michelle Cox


  • Visual Artist (Sketching, Painting, Designing, Digital Art etc):

If you are a visual artist, Fuzia will work wonders for you!

Share your work in any form as a post and witness the positive response! You will be amazed at what a beautiful place the internet can be.

There is a constant exchange of knowledge between our emerging talent and the experienced minds. Our artists are always challenging the status quo, building a better world one art-work at a time!


 If you are a visual artist, these are some of the ways that you can use Fuzia:

-Share your art-work as a post and we will make sure your reach widens globally.

-Connect with various artists from different fields, find what keeps them motivated, talk to them and learn new techniques.

-Grow your network globally, we understand how important networking is for an artist.

-Share links to your personal channels, like share link to your Etsy shop, your blog, your Instagram and what not!

-Build a creative portfolio that will encompass all your creations in different forms at a single place!



Check out some of the works by our Fuziaites:


^Source: Renu Sharma


^Source: Rashana Bajracharya


^Source: Sudipa Saha

^Source: Sarah Finnegan



  • Same goes for our photographers:

 Share your pictures to reach a wider audience or to promote your personal projects like your Instagram, website, blog etc.


^Souce: Denise McGill


^Source: Martina Hohnjec


^Source: Sameeha Rizan


^Source: Kristie Gamkrelidze


^Source: Sakshi Shrivastava


  • YouTubers:

If you are a YouTuber, Fuzia is the right place for you! Here’s how Fuzia helps:

-widens your reach to a global network

-shares your videos with more than 3 million of audience

-review and tips from fellow YouTubers

-chance to become friends with other YouTubers and make videos in collaboration

-and find constant support and encouragement.


Here are some of our YouTubers:


^Source: Chetna Vasishth


^Source: Eloise Carles


^Source: Mai Haddad

^Source: Wander With Intent

^Source: Suman Thareja


And of course we haven’t forgotten our beloved food-bloggers and travel-bloggers!


^Source: Abha Jha


^Source: Mehreen Gutalj


^Source: Anupama Sudhakar


^Source: Nidhi Sinha


^Source: Dimitra Panaogolu


^Source: Riya Sinha


Some cool features that we have:


Lounge is where you find friends, learn and share knowledge. Lounge is where conversations begin.

It’s your place, it’s where you can hangout with your friend from across the globe.

It’s where you can connect with artists and experienced women in their respective fields.

It’s where you can sit back and relax while learning something new.

Lounge is your place. 




Whenever you’re feeling down, always know that we’ve got your back. Whenever need someone to talk to, you always have us.

We know how daunting the modern times have become, we understand that sometimes it becomes almost impossible to deal with everything on your own.

That is why you have Counselors at Fuzia.



Workplace allows you to find your interests by getting first-hand experience of freelancing work. We know the importance that experience plays in the growth of any individual, that is why we have come up with the feature of Workplace, where talent individuals like you can find projects to work on and get paid​.






Which art-form are you passionate about? No matter what you want to learn, Fuzia’s got your back!




 Author: Sakshi Shrivastava


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