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world health day with fuzia 2019

world health day with fuzia 2019

s vitamin D a neglected yet important for our overall health?
Or is it becoming a new epidemic?
Say yes to sun

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Ritu T

Ritu T

6th Apr'19

Vitamin D deficiency has become so common over last 2-3 years, thanks to our changing lifestyle. There were days when we used to get good sun exposure while going out on a 2-wheeler, non air conditioned car, and when we used to walk more compared to our habit of avoiding sun these days, even in winters.. 

But let me tell you guys, Vitamin D is such a vital ingredient in building our bone density that with reduced levels of Vitamin D, one can suffer from Osteoporosis, and a minor fall/ accident can result into a major fracture because of poor bone density. Hence, it is very important to have appropriate amounts of Sunlight and if you are a non vegetarian, you may get it through fish/ fish oil also.