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Know More about Cigarettes versus Marijuana

Cigarettes and Marijuana have been used for centuries but only recently, has the process of vaporizing. These substances become popular. So, what does science have to say about this technology? Is it actually better for you?

When smoking normally, the heat from fire causes substances to change from a solid state to a vapor. In cigarettes, this releases nicotine, which is absorbed into your bloodstream through the lungs, causing increased heart rate, constricted blood vessels, release of dopamine in the brain and feelings of alertness. But because nicotine is a stimulant, once it is no longer present you crash and crave more, which ultimately leads to addiction in many people. In the case of marijuana, the active components THC are aerosolized and follow the same pathway into the body, but with different effects. 

Smoking, purchased from the Smoke Shop Vancouver, only takes six seconds for the active compounds to reach your nervous system, unlike chewing tobacco or eating edible marijuana, which takes much more time. But you have to inhale smoke in the process. This smoke consists of partially burned particles, which creates tar in your body, has cancer causing effects, blackens teeth and destroys taste buds. This is where vaping comes in. 

If you heat the active components enough to become aerosolized without starting a combustion reaction with the other compounds, then you theoretically get fast effects without the damage of smoke inhalation. Vaping typically involve a glass or metal chamber, which has an electrical current passing through it. This way, it can heat to a controlled temperature created a vapor with minimal combustion, meaning you inhale much less smoke. For marijuana, Vaporizers have become popular as the plant material can be heated to a specific temperature.
Buy a vaporizer from the Smoke Shop Vancouver, the vaporizers using a liquid solution instead of dried tobacco has become popular.

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