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Why Do People Think There Are Aliens In Area 51?

Why Do People Think There Are Aliens In Area 51\\?

Area 51 is an active US military facility located at Groom Lake, Newada. In the past few days, Area 51 has spawned controversial theories of the presence of aliens on the soil of the United States. How did it happen? Was it some “Jaadu” or science or perhaps rumours that brought the change in the game of truths! 

What is in the store?

There has been a stickiness about this place which continuously gets involved into controversies. Though it all started with a joke, the US government did not respond with tongue in cheek! Area 51 is rumoured to be home to aliens and extra-terrestrial entity and about 1.5 million people have signed up to a Facebook page calling out to ambush Area 51, “they can’t stop all of us”. Their desire being, see them aliens. But does the public knows enough to believe it?

Area 51 has been a mystery since decades and fodder for this comes from a 72 year old conspiracy theory which started on the sight of a weather balloon which crashed near Roswell, New Mexico.

In 1947, Robert Lazar, a physicist claimed that he did see medical photographs and documents inside the base and that the US government used the province to examine UFOs.

However, he fails to show any solid evidence to prove what he claims and his peer scientists discredited him. Lazar definitely blew the whistle against Area 51.

What trump card the US government played?

The Air force spokeswoman, Laura Andrews stated “The US Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets. The better not-to-mess-with-us attitude incites more doubts and validates the viral theories. However a negotiation would have been winning for both parties. Another person to second Lazar’s version of Area 51 was Sgt Anderson. He also asserts that he saw a UFO in 1959 and that he was recruited by the government to collect their wreckage. Reno Gazette- Journal mentioned about two other previous reports of UFO sighting. Interestingly, these reports came a few years after the Roswell case in 1947. The Air Force nonetheless did conduct a project BLUE BOOK in 1952 to investigate UFOs. The result was negative, and none of the UFOs were harmful or related to aliens.

Fantasy for aliens fuelled by films: Netflix and Chill!

Popular culture supplies the curious minds. Sci-fi Movies, TV shows, books, even mainstream media promote the not-so-alien-idea of aliens! America is saved after all, no matter what.LOL.

Netflix has also aired a documentary named “BOB LAZAR: Area 51 and Flying Saucers”. All of these might tumble together and an answer to a mystery- even an outrageous one, is satisfying than none at all. The idea of a secret is unsettling for us all. A secret harbours conspiracy and the government has kept Area 51 a secret and thus it was self-implied to the mass that the government is doing something that it doesn’t want the public to know!

Area 51 is a mystery till date. But whom are we kidding?

“This is America!” Right?

Joseph Parent a professor of Political Science, Notre Dame University says, “ Our basic model of people is that there is a thin crust of rationality over a molten crust of crazy. “Aliens and UFOs are a part of the popular imagination and thus popular culture. It is easy to believe that aliens are there is Area 51. A world with aliens is more challenging than a world without them. Even if the crowdsourcing raid happens and the mob is able to breach the walls of Area 51, it is the least likely to “see them aliens”. 

#Sad but True! 

Note: The content published here is all original created by me.

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